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Doritos “Pug Attack”


Dorito’s Pug Attack – USA Today’s #1 Commercial of Superbowl XLV from JR Burningham on Vimeo.

In 2011 we created the #1 commercial of Super Bowl XLV. Below is a partial list of some of the stats the Pug took on like 150 lbs. Rottweiler.

USA TODAY: Best Super Bowl ads: A doggone tie for Ad Meter

TWITTER: Pug Attack Most Tweeted Super Bowl Ad

NIELSEN: Pug Attack #1 Most Recalled Ad Of The Super Bowl

Ace Metrix: Doritos Ad Most Effective of Super Bowl

#1 Favorite Ad in Young Adults


Published: January 30, 2014


Just two weeks ago, our web hosting server upgraded their PHP to version 5.5.  If that’s gibberish to you, it is to us too!

The consequences, however, are that it killed a whole bunch of our site and reset many elements in our database (that’s why the site looks like a template now).  We are in the process of getting everything updated, but please bear with us as we do.


Published: January 23, 2014